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TurboTax TaxCaster Tax Calculator

TurboTax TaxCaster Tax Estimator CalculatorTurboTax TaxCaster Online and Smart Phone App.

TurboTax offers a Free online tax calculator that is also available as a smart phone app for androids and iphones that is called TaxCaster and you can use it to determine your tax refund amount or income taxes owed.

Here is our Review on How to Use the TurboTax TaxCaster 2017 - 2018 Tax Calculator Application

Start by entering basic information to get an overall view on what you can expect to be faced with for you income tax liability payment obligation.

No personal identification information required, Try One!

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Estimate Income Tax FREE with TurboTax

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TurboTax Calculator Income and Withholding Screen ShotTurboTax offers a promise that ensures satisfaction! As a TurboTax user you're either satisfied or you don't pay it's as simple as that. TurboTax is a top rated company with a great reputation of satisfied customers every year.

As you start entering your basic "About You" information, are you married, head of household, what's your age, are you a dependant or are you claiming some, do you have children?  Then there are slide bars for "Your Income" to indicate "Your Pay and Taxes Withheld" or income and federal taxes already paid, state taxes paid, and any other income like unemployment compensation.

The only issue I had here was with the income slide bar that I found overly touchy as it kept going past the amount I wanted to enter with my big fingers.

The Turbo Tax TaxCaster Calculator is easy to use other than that. You can go online and use the calculator or download the TurboTax app to your iPhone or Android. This app is free to anyone and is user friendly with easy to follow instructions for use by anyone.

Turbotax Calculator Other Income Screen ShotNow you can enter "Other Income" sources that you may have received during the year including: Interest, Qualified Dividends, Short and Long Term Capitol Gains or Losses, IRA or Pension Distributions, Social Security Benefits, Alimony and other Misc. income. This is a scroll down area where you can move slide bars to get the amounts you want selected.

With this age of convenience for online tax preparation well under way, the TaxCaster TurboTax Tax Calculator is a great aid to help you determine the amount that you should have withheld from each paycheck to avoid paying additional taxes at year end.

Within a few minutes, "literally that quick", you can start to see how simple this app is to use. This helps you to understand where you may need to reduce or add deductions in order to guarantee your best year end outcome.

The benefit to using this TurboTax free tax calculator are endless. With TaxCaster you can track your tax liability all year long to ensure you have paid enough in to avoid future payments and penalties. With this tool you will have the information you need to stay one step ahead, which is good thing. After all, nobody really likes surprises when it's time to file their taxes.

TurboTax Calculator Deductions Page Screen ShotOn "Your Tax Breaks" page you can enter all those deductions you should be claiming to lower your tax bill including: Education Expenses, Home Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Taxes Paid, Charitable Donations or Contributions, Retirement "IRA Contributions, plus other deductions and taxes paid that can make a difference in your net income.

This tax calculator comes in handy for calculations prior to receiving your W4s. It allows you to make adjustments during the year in order to control your end of year financial standing with the IRS.

Once you have worked through the TurboTax Tax Calculator and have the "Final Result" page calculations complete, you will be ready anytime you make the effort to prepare your tax return and file your taxes for the year.

Our TurboTax TaxCaster App Review Results

Turbotax Calculator Final Result Page Screen ShotWhy this is our review for using this app, I can tell you that it really is as easy as it looks to use. You really should give this TurboTax TaxCaster Tax Calculator Tool a try. It will no doubt keep you more informed all-year-round about where you stand with Uncle Sam so that you can always be prepared to meet any financial obligation you will have with the IRS.

Our review revealed that this is a very useful tax planning tool that can keep you informed about you income tax obligations all year long. Just knowing what to expect throughout the year as your personal income and investments change can keep you at ease and allow  you to organize early to be ready when it's time for you to sit down and actually prepare and file your federal and state income tax returns.

I hate surprises when April 15th rolls around, and this product helps me make sure that I'm not giving the IRS an interest free loan by withholding too much, or finding out I have a bigger tax amount due than I thought.

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