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FREE Online Income Tax Estimator

Free Online Tax CalculatorsIt's "tax time" and the going is never easy, especially knowing the fact that our dysfunctional government has no problem mismanaging our tax dollars and running up our national debt.

I have nothing but frustration with the immoral way our government insider trades and how congress pilfers campaign money for personal use. They truly have no moral ethics at all!

So what can we do? Well, we can start by making sure we are taking every advantage to LIMIT what we pay to the IRS in taxes, YES, keep it ourselves. Never Never Never pay them dollars you don't need to!

Using the Income Tax Estimator Calculator

Along with our simple income tax estimator below, we offer guidance to several calculators here that TurboTax has online. These tools can help you make better decisions for keeping more of your hard earned cash - along with better financial planning for 2017 - 2018 and the future beyond.

No personal identification information required, Try One!

Calculate Your Federal Income Taxes

TurboTax FREE Income Tax Estimator

H&R Block FREE Income Tax Estimator

Simple Federal Income Tax Estimator Calculator

TurboTax TaxCaster Tax Estimator Calculator

TurboTax TaxCaster Tax Estimator CalculatorTurboTax TaxCaster is an income tax estimator that is available to use online, or by downloading an app for your iphone. This is a very useful tool that can help you stay on board with where your tax liability is all through the year. It's a simple process to calculate taxes you may owe based on your income at anytime. This can help you stay focused on meeting your year end income tax obligation.

There is no need to play the guessing game when using the TurboTax TaxCaster, and it can certainly keep those suddenly shocking discoveries of finding out that you owe more than you thought at bay. See our review on how the TurboTax TaxCaster can help you.

TurboTax W-4 Paycheck Withholding Estimator

TurboTax W-2 Withholding EstimatorYes, the W-4 calculator is another great tool from TurboTax. This one will help you make sure you are not paying in too much, or too little to the IRS through your paycheck withholding. Read our review on using the TurboTax W-4 Withholding Calculator.

Remember, No Free Loans For Uncle Sam!

TurboTax Online Tax PreparationWhy is the W-4 paycheck withholding estimator important? Well, that depends on whether you have an issue with giving Uncle Sam a FREE LOAN by paying in too much, or owing a lot more than you though at the end of the year by paying too little.

It's really is a good tool that you can use for free to make more accurate calculations in order to come out even at the end of the year with Uncle Sam.

Read more about how the TurboTax W-4 Paycheck Withholding Calculator can help you.

TurboTax IRA Retirement Contribution Calculator

IRA Contribution CalculatorThis Tax Estimator can help you determine how much you should contribute to your Investment Retirement Account (IRA) in order to get the biggest bang for your buck on your IRA Retirement Contribution Investment, Traditional or Roth.

Now I'm no expert here, but I would have to say that anytime you can get a tax break for building your retirement, you should take it! Life is hard enough with everyday expenses let alone setting money aside for the future. However, there are opportunities out there that can make more sense of how and when to do this. The TurboTax IRA Contribution Calculator can help you make sense of retirement savings.

Income tax estimators can be your friend in a lot of ways, but the bottom line is that if you can stay ahead financially by knowing where your heading and planning on how to meet your financial obligation for now and the future, you will make better decisions with your finances!

Give these Calculator Tools a try, they work great!

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